Our Story

The Peanut Tale:

Peanut is a best girl from Thailand! Her awesome tail-wagging journey inspired our store's name! Our founder rescued Peanut in Thailand, igniting the spark of the Pick Peanut mission.

Why We're Pawsome:

At Pick Peanut, we adore pets! We've handpicked the best goodies to keep your furry pals happy and healthy. From select supplements to nifty treats, we’ve got the premium stuff!

More Than Just a Store:

Every time you shop with us, guess what? You're giving back! A bit from each purchase helps the Soi Dog Foundation, turning ruff days into happy tails for street pets in Thailand.

Let’s Wag Together:

With Pick Peanut, it's not just shopping. It's making tails wag around the world. So hop in, and let's spread some paw-sitive vibes! 🐾🎉