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Calming Formula: Improve Brain Function, Health & Behaviour

✅ Relax hyperactive dogs

✅ Soothe anxiety & stress

✅ Improve concentration & awareness

🩺 Vet Approved

If Your Dog Isn't Calmer Within 90 Days, We'll Give Your Money Back!


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Per 1 tablet:
Taurine 240mg
Inositol 240mg
L-Theanine 15mg
Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 6mg
Ginger Extract 5mg
Magnesium 4mg

Ingredients: Taurine, Inositol, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Di Calcium Phosphate, L-Theanine, Chicken Flavour, Magnesium (Citrate), Magnesium Stearate, Thiamine HCL (Vitamin B1), Ginger Extract.


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90 Day Guarantee

If your dog isn't calmer within 90 days, we'll give your money back!

Just reach out and let us know:

Calming Formula

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  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Barking & Growling

  • Aggressive Behaviour

  • Travel & Events

  • Reactivity Hyperactivity

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    A Vet Picked & Effective Formula

    Our tablets aren't just any calming supplements. They're packed with a powerful blend of natural ingredients known to provide effective results.

    This combination promotes calmness, ensures balanced behaviour, offers relaxation, eases nerves, comforts upset tummies, and provides essential stress relief.

    A Stress Free Dog is a Happy Dog!

    ✅ L-theanine, extracted from tea leaves, increases alpha waves in your dog’s brain to keep them calm and focused mentally. Decreasing anxious thoughts and behaviours.

    ✅ Taurine soothes the nervous system, affecting the production of stress hormones to ease feelings of stress.

    Made to Soothe, Support & Improve

    ✅ Ginger & Magnesium soothe upset tummies in stressful situations as well as relieving physical tension.

    ✅ Inositol (Vitamin B8), provides a range of health benefits as well as affecting serotonin action to support improvement in anxiety.

    ✅ Thiamine (Vitamin B1), plays a fundamental role in brain function by maintaining a healthy nervous system and helping to ease anxiety.

    Don't Wait to Help Your Furry Friend.

    A calmer dog is a happier dog. They are more trainable, social, responsive and more likely to overcome trauma.

    Buy Now - If your dog isn't calmer within 90 days, we'll give your money back!

    (Chicken flavour,
    most dogs eat them directly)

    Fur Baby Stats 💙


    Said their dog was calmer and less anxious.


    Noticed their fur baby was less aggressive and more social.


    Found it easier to manage their dogs behaviour.

    Based on real customer surveys.

    Why Pick Peanut?


    Long Lasting Quantities

    Potent Formula

    GMO & Grain Free

    100% Natural

    Cruelty Free

    90 Day Guarantee

    Free Shipping

    Donate Portion of Every Order

    • ★★★★★

      These tablets are the perfect answer

      "My little Lhasa Apso was both nervous and becoming quite aggressive towards my other dog and ourselves. I scoured all medications available to treat my dog. These tablets are the perfect answer. We now have a lovely calm and non aggressive dog. Thank you so much."


    • ★★★★★

      Certainly reduced the anxiety with the fireworks

      "These tablets certainly reduced the anxiety with the fireworks, I didn't need to put her anxiety wrap on as in the the last couple of years, so was pleased with the result of the dog not as stressed , and a drug free alternative that is worth trying."


    • ★★★★★

      This product has really helped

      "My dog has a form of dog dementia and this product has really helped he is less snappy and confused and it is like having my old dog back again. He didn't even notice the fireworks this year! This product has worked equally as well as the more expensive brands."




      Do they work?

      Yes! Our formula is crafted from ingredients tried and tested to be effective when used regularly and in the suggested amount.

      But, just like people, every dog is unique and may react differently. Judging from our excellent reviews and customer feedback, 95% of our customers notice improvements in their dogs after using our products for a minimum of 30 days. If, however, it doesn't seem to suit your dog, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll provide a full refund for your purchase, no questions asked! :)


      Is this suitable for all breeds, ages and size of dog?

      Yes! The only thing that effects the daily dosage is your dog’s size. See the chart below for more details.


      How many should I give my dog and when?

      Weight of Dog/Tablets per Day

      Up to 10kg = 1 tablet per day

      11-25kg = 2 tablets per day

      26-40kg = 3 tablets per day

      Over 40kg = 4 tablets per day

      The tablets are meant to be used daily to provide compounding effects. If your dog needs more than one tablet, give them all at the same time.

      Should you wish to give more than the suggested quantity for certain reasons (for instance, if you're embarking on a flight and your dog needs to stay in the cargo hold, or if you're seeking more potent effects), it's safe to give up to twice the recommended daily serving size.


      How long do they take to work?

      Once again, every dog is unique, but generally, you should observe some immediate impacts within a few hours. The full advantages come with consistent daily usage and it could take up to 4 weeks to completely see all the benefits.

      Over 95% of our customers see a good outcome in their dog within a month of daily usage at the suggested serving size.


      Are they Vet approved?

      Indeed! Every single one of our ingredients has received veterinary approval, and our products are well-regarded by vets as well.


      What ages are they suitable for?

      They are entirely safe for all dogs - from puppies (at least 12 weeks old), mature dogs, to small, large, long, short, and tall dogs. Make sure you refer to the serving size guidelines on the back label to ensure you're giving your dog the appropriate amount based on their size.

      CAUTION: If your dog is pregnant or nursing, please consult with your vet before introducing our supplemental treats into their diet.


      How long is delivery and is it free?

      Delivery is FREE! All orders are dispatched within 24hrs via Royal Mail first class, typically taking 1-2 days to arrive.


      What charities do you support?

      The inspiration behind Pick Peanut comes from a lovely best girl called Peanut! She was found in Thailand and has now made it her mission to help other Thai dogs via the Soi Dog Foundation. A portion of every order (Up to 10%) is given to helping dogs in need.